Syncing Animation on layers to allign with base layer timeline


I have multiple slide layers that I am using for a magnifying effect. The base layer is a picture of a book and as the user hovers their mouse over the various sections of the book, slide layers are triggered that contain a magnified view of that part of the page (one that is readable). What I'd like to also do is have some animation on the slide layers that allow me to highlight various sentences, bullets and words aligned with the audio on my base layer.

Thus while the audio is playing on the base layer, uninterrupted by layers. the animations is following me on the various layers. If the user hovers their mouse over the area I presently speaking about they will see the magnified part of the page along with my synced animations.

Is there a way to use a variable to start timelines of a layers without showing it till it is called for by the mouse hover? Basically syncing all the layers and base to follow one timeline.

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Vaughan Martin

Sorry Leslie,

It was late last night when I asked the original question in the previous thread. My tired brain then reposted on its own thread. Is it possible to delete this thread?

I do have an update as I was able to work around the issue and provide myself the same functionality, albeit with much more complexity. Should I post the update here or in the other thread?