Syncing Animations with Narration

Feb 26, 2015

Okay, now I'm trying to get a caption to animate (fly in from the left) close to the end of the narration on the slide.  I understand how to get the animation to fly in but not how to time it with the narration on the slide.  What is the best resource to help me learn how to do this?  Or does someone have a quick answer to this question?


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Corey Klein

Hi Leslie / All,

I'm trying to animate (fade in) on-screen bullet points based on narration timing in my first Articulate Storyline 2 project.  I wasn't initially sure if I should animate the bullet pointed text to the narration timing in PPT before importing the project to Articulate Storyline 2 or after.  Upon reading through the info chain above and the resources provided, I decided to go for animating after the PPT was imported.  So far it's not really working out too well.  It seems as though on some pages, the succession of bulleted items are being treated as one big object [sorta like an inserted image], and not allowing me to animate 'by paragraph'.  On other pages, even if it recognizes each bullet pointed sentence, it's still not letting me time each bullet point precisely.  It's just allowing the timing of the appearance of bullet point after bullet point on a regular duration (every x amount of seconds based on the # input in the Duration field), if you follow what I'm saying.  The only thing that seems to work is if I break a multi-bullet pointed 'object' into single bullet pointed objects.  In other words, cutting an object or text box that has 3-5 bullet points into 3-5 text boxes, each with just one bullet point in it.  Then I'm actually able to time them exactly as needed to match their entrance to the narrative.  I'm glad I found a work around, but it's going to be an extremely time consuming process if I have to do that for over 50 slides.  An option for next time might be to ensure each ppt slide has every bullet point as its own object, but that's not exactly ideal when building the "Storyboard".  I even went back to the PPT, animated one of the slides there as a test (before breaking up the bullet points into their own objects), imported that slide, but Storyline still animated it as one object.   Am I missing something? Might there be another way to handle this?  I look forward to your suggestions or any methods that other folks have used.  Thanks very much.

Chris Cole

Hi Corey - When you apply the Fade animation to the text field, you can then select the Effect Options drop down menu. See the first image below. At the bottom of that menu, choose "By Paragraph." This means that the text box will animate (fade in) each individual paragraph.

Now when you look at the text box on your timeline, you'll see a drop down arrow at the far left of the object name (see the second image below). Click that drop down arrow and it will expand so that you can see each paragraph in the timeline. Now you can drag each paragraph in the timeline to synch with your audio. In the second image below, you can see a text box called Text Box 2 has been expanded so that I can control each paragraph in the timeline.

Animation Effects drop down


Corey Klein

Ahhhhh.  That drop down arrow created in the timeline when choosing "By Paragraph" was the key, Chris.  Hadn't seen that before.  Just tested it out and it worked well.  Thank you! 

Here's a follow up now...  What if you want the first line of a paragraph to be visible on-screen from the beginning to the end of the slide, but you want the lines / bullet pointed text that follows to fade in as they're addressed in the narration?  Any way to do that [other than cutting out that first line and creating a new, un-animated text box]?


Chris Cole

Hi Corey -

Yes you can do that. Each paragraph can be individually controlled in the timeline. So the first paragraph can be started at the beginning, and set to "Show Until End." SL by default sets a new text box to Show Until End, but if you need to do that manually you can do it by right-clicking on the paragraph in the timeline and choosing the Show Until End option.

And then just set the other paragraphs to come in and go out on the timeline as desired.

The only limitation is that all of the paragraphs will have the same animation, so you couldn't have, say, the first paragraph with NO animation and then fade in the others. They would all fade in.


Corey Klein

Thanks again for your response, Chris.  Yes, it's that last part that I ideally wanted to do.  So, my hope was to have the first sentence of a paragraph be on-screen (no animation) when the learner gets to that page.  Then, as time goes on and the narrrator communicates different points, the rest of the text would fade in.  Again, I can cut that first line and create a new, un-animated first sentence, but I was wondering if I could avoid that step...


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