Syncing large audio files with animation in Storyline

Apr 17, 2015

Hi there, I have built my animation slides in Storyline and am now syncing audio with it. The recording is an hour long. 

This is what I am doing currently: Since loading the audio file takes  a long time, I have inserted it in a separate scene and am working off there. I run the audio, crop the part I need for every slide and insert the cropped version in the appropriate slides.

Is there a better and more efficient way to do this? Would you suggest I move all my slide animations into the slide  with the audio and readjust animations on the timeline? But I have many slides and a lot of animation to move, in that case. What are the best practices when you have such large audio files?

Thanks in advance!


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Chris Cole

I would use an audio editor like Audition or Soundbooth to chop up the audio file. It is very quick using one of these tools - you just highlight a section of the audio and choose "Create a new audio file from this selection" and it creates a new file. Then you would quickly have a set of audio files to drop onto your slides in Storyline.

Hope this helps.




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