System variables disappeared!

Nov 22, 2017


I wonder if anybody can help me.

I'm working on a file that a previous colleague created. It has a quiz at the end, drawn from two different question banks, and somehow the system variables that are used to generate the results slide are no longer there (Results.PassPoints, Results.ScorePoints etc)

I have no idea how they have been deleted as I've gone into a similar file and you can't edit them. However, the fact remains that they have been deleted.

Is there anyway that I can re-instate them in the current project without starting the whole project from scratch?

(I am using Storyline 2)


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Lindsey

sounds like something is corrupt. There is a couple of things you could do

1. Create a new scene and move the current result slides to it then add in new result slides which should create new variables

2. Create a new project file and import all slides except the result slides in then add new result slides - this might be a cleaner way of doing it.

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