Systems Training Module - Scrolling Panel Help!

Working on a systems training for call center associates on a very antiquated system... (as in we are the ones who actually use the crazy f-keys to do everything!)

So I have found a few ways to create a watch and a try function within Storyline with the F-keys (in itself - a mighty challenge!). 

I want the agents to be able to follow the process as they are guided through it. Then I want to create a Try it module where the process it hidden, but if they need the help, they can either see it (which will highlight the buttons for them) or view the process (see where they are at to find the right clicks). 

So now the problem... I have been able to create each of these things and working effectively with the exception of making the scrolling panel for the process work the way I envisioned. 

  • I want the process to be available to see from start to finish within the scrolling panel. (have this)
  • I also want to have the particular step they are on in a unique format to indicate clearly where they are. (have this)
  • When they are on the step, I want to have the scrolling panel showing this step within the default or active part of the panel - I do not want to make the agent scroll to find their current step, but I want to allow then to scroll to look back and ahead if they desire. (DON'T have this...)

Any ideas on how I can achieve this? I have attached an example to show where I am at in this endeavor. Screenshots were changed to an even more ancient looking screen than we use :-)

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