T/F Variable, Buttons visited state

Aug 19, 2013


I disabled the next button on one of my slides by creating a T/F variable that states whenever the state of all five buttons has changed to 'visited' the next button becomes available. This works great when I click the buttons top to bottom, but if I click them in a reversed order, I am prevented from using the next button. Very weird. Any ideas of what this could be??


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Matthew Graham

Hey, Emma.

It looks like you have two triggers that turn "1through5" to true once all buttons are visited.  The first is a slide trigger, but you'll notice that none of the boxes are checked under "All of:"  The second trigger is attached to button 5 and does have all of the buttons checked off within the trigger.  This is why it works when you click the fifth button last.  You can delete the trigger attached to button 5 and select all of the buttons in your slide trigger.

See attached.

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