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Feb 06, 2017


Hello Everyone, 

Upon opening the file, clicking the tab button doesn't move focus to the first item in the custom tab order. What adjustments do I have to do in order to set focus on the first item (input fields) in the custom tab order? Before the first highlighted line, a handful other items get focused with a yellow focus box.

The steps that were use to trouble shoot so far.

  • I have "object is visible to accessibility tools" Checked off on the other elements that are starting before the list. This item gets highlighted before my custom tab list.

    Thank you everyone! 
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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ruben,

The tab order refers to when the user would be tabbing through the course in the published output (or for you as the author if you were to check the preview). I think the grouping of your objects is causing the tab order to follow the grouped items vs. what you're setting in the tab order window.  When I ungrouped them I was able to tab to the A1 box first. 

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