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Feb 05, 2013


Not sure whether this has been answered or asked.

I have a set of tabs and I'd like to force the user to click through all of them before a button gets triggered or activated and show a message when they click the button that they have to explore/visit all the tabs.

I am sure this is easy, but it just eludes me somehow today. 

Any help will be grateful.



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Will Bladon


I think you would need to set each of the tabs to have a state of 'visited' so as the learner clicks each tab (and views the information on it), it would then change to 'visited'.

The message that you dont want to be shown until these have been visited would need to be set to normally be in the state 'hidden', you can then set it to be 'normal' when the state of all of the tabs is changed to 'visited'. Thus making it appear once the tabs have been looked at.

Picture might help if the above is a bit confusing!

Hope that makes sense and is actually what you were asking about! 

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