Tab key reveals hotspots in quiz exercise

Jul 16, 2014

I am building a software simulation and this is done with screenshots, text entry and hotspots/triggers. The learner is supposed to do text entry and then press a "button" (a hotspot that has a trigger). Everything works fine except that if the user for whatever reason decides to press the TAB key to navigate the screen, instead of using mouse or pressing enter after the text entry, they will see a yellow outline of the hotspot that they need to click on. This is bad because it is telling learners where to click next, when the learners are supposed to be doing it themselves. I thought maybe it is a problem with the slide I was working on but when I went to other slides in the same file and then to older previous files that did not require this type of interaction, it seems that it is happening across all of the files I am viewing in preview and when playing back in the LMS (which is viewed through internet explorer web browser).

Does anyone else experience this with the TAB key? More importantly, does anyone have any idea why this is happening and how I can stop it from happening?

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Christine,

The yellow box is an accessibility feature in Storyline. Here's a support page with details

If you right-click on the hot-spot to display a shortcut menu, and then click the Size and Position option, this dialog box will appear:

  • Click the Alt Text Tab
  • Then click to remove the checkmark from the "Object is visible..." checkbox.

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