Tab navigation of menu

Hi All,

I am creating a accessibility course in storyline. every thing working fine. But my client want to change in the tab navigation in menu which is I explain below. I have tried my self but not get resolved.

By current course menu is fixed in the left hand side. and current tab navigation is Page element > menu tab > menu body > previous button > Next button.

My client want it to Page element > menu tab & menu body together > previous button > Next button.

They want to combined the menu and menu content in a single focus.

please help me out to do it if it is possible in storyline. if not please confirm it that it is not possible in storyline.

Any idea can help.

Thanks in advance.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Brajesh,

There is a description here of how the tab key behaves for navigation, and it'll start at the top left hand corner and work its way through the slide. I don't believe you can combine them into a single focus, as you would need to access the individual menu elements to jump to those portions of the course.