Tab Order Color

Was the tab order highlight box "color" ever addressed or put in as feature request?

The current "Yellow" color does not meet Section 508 if the slide background color is similar or white. It doesn't meet the contrast ratio requirements.

Feature request would be to allow that color to be editable within the player options.

And just for fun, why is it RED in the tab order preview but YELLOW when published?

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Jessica Rodrigue

Hi there! Has anyone been successful with a double border on this code? I would like to have a darker border and then a lighter border so regardless of my background color, I can meet contract requirements...I have been experimenting unsuccessfully by altering this code:

if (/_html5.html/.test(window.location.href)) {
if (!window.changeFocusColor){
var sheet = document.createElement('style');
sheet.innerHTML = ".tab-focus-box{border: 3px solid #000000 !important;}";
window.changeFocusColor = true;