Tab Order - Fields names not displaying properly

HI there

Last week I worked on Scenarios for a course and the Tab Order looks good. 

Go to Tab Order then In the Shape Column: The Title shows as Scenario 1, then I have the text for the Question, then the Multiple Choice is named appropriately, and I put them in the right order.

Now, I am working on Scenarios for a different course but with same structure as these two courses are connected.  But the names of the Shape fields are all popping up as the Question.  So  I don't see the Title Scenario 1 for the first shape, I see all the text from the question, for all three, and it is doing it on all three slides.  Wondering what happened between Friday and Monday ...I have attached, what my correct storyline File tab order looks like, then the incorrect one, and then I added the storyline file for the incorrect.  Thoughts anyone?  Again, I truly think this Tab Order really needs to be a project, I have submitted requests before for its enhancement with lots of ideas :)

I should add, I hope there might be an update to fix automatically, as if it fixes and doesn't update mine I don't want to have to recreate the questions slides all over again :)

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Teresa Vanderpost

Well, once again I think i figured it out after, but I am still not sure why it happened.  I noticed after I posted this that my slide names were not showing Scenario 1, 2, 3 and 4 , but the actual entire question as well.  As soon as I renamed my slide, it brought back the Title and the name of the quiz question ...see attached....strange...I don't get how the title took the full question in the first place, but looks like it is okay.

You can see the change in the tab order names after I renamed the title of the slide...hmmmm

Crystal Horn

Hi Teresa.  Thanks for following up and including your screenshots.

When you add a graded question, the question text that you enter in Form View becomes the slide title.  Tab order uses the slide title (and the layer titles) to identify and organize the tab order list.  Everything on the base layer will have the slide title as a "prefix" in the tab order window.  When you change the slide title (to something shorter, in your case), you can see the rest of the object name.

Here's a visual of what I used:

Initially, I have the question text as my slide title.  When I changed the slide title to "Scenario 1," those highlighted objects in my image adopted "Scenario 1" as the prefix.  Because your question text is so long, you can't see the rest of the objects' names.  Note:  Most learning management systems use the question text/slide title to identify the question in reporting.

Is it possible on the other projects that you changed the slide titles to something other than the question text?

Teresa Vanderpost

Yes, I think I was on the ball for the other ones, and just was tired when I did this one.   This is just another example though, that I mentioned in my Tab Order suggestions request, that having the Slide Title listed in front of every item, doesn't seem helpful, since you are in the Tab Order of a specific slide anyway.  Just hoping someone is looking at my Tab Order window suggestion form.  I put about 5 or 6 ideas on it....Thanks for responding....