Tab Order for Keyboard Users

In Storyline 360 is there a relationship between how the Tab Order for keyboard users and the arrangement of the objects on my timeline? For instance, if I order the items on my slide timeline, top to bottom, in the order I would like to have them appear in the Tab Order window, where I can go and remove them? It seems like what appears in the Tab Order window has no relationship at all with the order of the items on the timeline. 

If there is a relationship on how the items on my timeline will appear in the Tab Order window, I'd like to understand how that works to help my workflow. 

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Melanie!

Great question! The default tab order is based on the order that you've added elements to the slide. If you want to change the order, then using a Custom Tab Order is the perfect way to designate where your user will tab to on the slide.

Here's more information about the Tab Order feature in Storyline 360.