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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Srishti and Bsi,

Are these items appearing on a layer? Our team is currently looking into an issue that surfaced with Update 17, where in the HTML5 output the tab order restarts from the beginning when a layer is opened. 

I'll include your videos in the report filed with our team, and I'll keep you posted on the issue here. If you need to roll back to an earlier update, please reach out to our Support team here and mention this issue and they'll be happy to help. 

Erich Renken

I'm experiencing the same issue and it's affecting a lot of my interactive screens. Same symptoms. HTML5 output. I can't release my course with this version, so I guess I'm gonna have to roll back to the previous version. Hopefully being opened with Update 17 won't affect the way it works with Update 16. It's always tough when these issues arise to figure out what you gained with the current version that you'll be losing by rolling back to a previous version.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Erich.  Thanks for sharing your experience here.  I reached out to our support team so they could provide you with a rollback to Update 16.  You should have an email from John with further detail about the priority we've given these accessibility issues.

Thanks for sticking with us, and I hope we can help you get your projects moving forward!

Erich Renken

For what it’s worth, I received this message from one of the Sr. Tech Support reps a couple weeks ago:

”I have also looked into your other bug reports and I can confirm that at least half of the reported bugs are "hotlisted" or being given high priority. Some of the fixes are already being tested and may be included in upcoming updates. I will be requesting the rest of the reported issues be considered by our Product team as well.”

I’ve had probably close to ten support requests related to accessibility confirmed as bugs, so I’m hoping that a release soon will address a lot of the accessibility issues I’ve found. It’s always disappointing to read through the release notes when they haven’t been addressed. 

Erich Renken

Pro tip on rolling back... You can always uninstall and reinstall an old version by downloading the desired version at:
(change the version number in this URL to the version you're looking for).

My problem at this point is that I can't roll back anymore because every previous version has something broken something that one of the newer versions fixed. 

Proceed with caution and good luck!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Erich,

We're working on a new option that would allow anyone with an Articulate ID to access earlier versions of Storyline 360 if you need to rollback due to a bug. 

The link you shared works right now, but once this new page is live, that link will no longer be accessible. I'd hate for it to confuse people further - can you edit it out of your post? Here’s a quick Peek video on how to edit your post if you need help.

If anyone does need to rollback before this new option is live, never fear! Our Support Engineers are available 24/7 - reach out to them here and let them know what you're running into.

They'll provide a rollback link, and add your case to the bug reports that we're tracking. That also helps us have a better sense of how many individuals are impacting by each bug, which is one of the components we look at when we identify and tackle bugs.

Jason Kramer

Unfortunately, I can report there seems to be another bug with the tab order, or perhaps I am just now noticing it.

The tab order on a slide that is lightboxed is not being read correctly. The tab order seems to be reading all of the objects on the slide even if they are unchecked (accessibility tab).

Jason Kramer


Thank you for taking the time to look into this. As it turns out, what I ran into was the tab order + states issues. Some of the states of some of the objects had objects that had their accessibility boxes checked. Once I went into all of the states and turned off any objects that were checked for accessibility the lightbox worked correctly, as your demo showed.

Note, the tab order did not have any of those other objects that were in the states, but I believe this is a known bug.

I meant to come back to this thread to update. Thanks for checking back!



Alyssa Gomez

Hey everyone! As Crystal promised, we just released another update for Articulate 360.  It includes new features and fixes listed here!

The problem we were seeing where the yellow focus indicator would jump back to the first object on the slide when a layer was opened is now fixed!

You can take advantage of this fix by downloading and installing the latest update of Storyline 360. Let me know if you have any questions!