Tab Order not working

I wanted to remove an item from the tab order but the delete icon remains greyed out. The object is hidden to accessibility on the master slide, but it still shows up in the tab order on the slide. Testing it shows you can tab to it; which makes sense. I need to remove it but it won't let me. Any suggestions? I thought if it was selected to be hidden that it wouldn't show up in the tab listing at all.

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John Say

Hi Bob! 

Can you try this,  right click on the item and go to "Accessibility" and uncheck the option "object is visible to accessibility tools".  If you don't see Accessibility when you right click, then look for "size and position" and you will see the "object is visible to accessibility tools" there. 


Bob O'Donnell

Ok... I figured it out... Someone pasted an extra copy of the object onto the slide in question. Since it had the same name as what was hidden on the master slide it kept showing up in the list. This took way too long to figure out. It should have been a big red flag. Tab Order was working fine.


martin beaver

I have a similar issue however there are no duplicate copies of the items as Bob found in his file.

I have set visibility for EVERY item in all layers including the master layer. 

I have removed all items SL3 will allow me to remove from the tab order.

Screen reader STILL focuses on the main player window repeatedly and reads out the filename for my SL file. 

Also the Options in a multiple choice question are read out in the wrong order every time. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Martin,

It sounds like you're looking to skip the player navigation pieces? If so, you'll want to follow these steps:

  1. You'll tab through the slide objects in the order defined by the content author.
  2. When you press the Tab key after the last object on the slide, the screen reader will instruct you to press the spacebar or Enter key if you want to skip player navigation.
    • If you press the spacebar or Enter key, your next tab will jump back to the first object on the slide.
    • If you don't press the spacebar or Enter key, your next tab will proceed to the player navigation elements, starting with the previous and next buttons.

The option to skip player navigation is always enabled in published courses. You don't need to do anything to activate it.

The initial tab into the course will still focus on the player window first, and read the Storyline file name.

Let me know if you're still stuck or I'm misunderstanding your setup!