Tab order of player controls/navigation not in order (Storyline 2)

Are the player controls supposed to tab in order or do they get split up by the slide elements? When I am tabbing through a slide, the tab order will hit the menu/toc then volume control, the seekbar and rewind button, then what's on the slide. After tabbing through those, I am returned to the prev/next buttons.

Is this the correct order? I would think the player controls would all be tabbed through in sequence, then the actual content.

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Janet Chafey

Hi Wendy,

Thanks, that works okay and I've successfully customized the tab order of elements on screen (my posted image is just for ref). My problem is the skipping around of player nav elements when tabbing through. I am not sure why the screen items get put in the between the nav controls, then the tab focus goes back to prev/next button. The order currently is:





Slide elements

Prev button

Next button

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Janet,

Within the Flash output of Storyline 2, here is how the tab order will work. As a general set up for tabbing it will also from the top left of the slide to the bottom right. If you've got a set up that seems to be behaving differently we'd want to take a look at the .story file with the player you've set up.