Tab Order skipping player navigation in SL360

Hi everyone, 

I'm performing QA on a course where accessibility and tab order have been taken into account and are reviewed. Normally I find no issues with using the keyboard to navigate through our courses (using the Tab, Enter, space-bar, etc.). Today I am finding (in two separate courses) that some slides do not allow me to tab to the player navigation (Prev/Next) or other player elements (Resources/Menu) and I am getting stuck in a slide loop where it will just continuously tab through the slide elements. 

The Prev/Next are visible and can be clicked with the mouse, but when I use the keyboard, the focus and tab order just keep skipping back to the start of the slide. I noticed this before I even turned JAWS on.  When I close out of the course and relaunch it, the slide where I left off typically works and I find the bug later on in another slide(s).

I didn't see this issue last week and we did update our version last week with the 4/17 SL360 release. I've submitted a case, but need to strip out all proprietary content before I can attach an example.

Has anyone seen any issues with this recently? Any comments or ideas would be appreciated. 

Thank you!

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Jackie Waskewicz

Hi Prathiba,

I worked with Ronaziel and Articulate released a hotfix shortly after my issue was reported that corrected the problem we were seeing. Storyline 360 Build 3.15.15581.0 fixed the issue and I was able to republish my course with the new version and it worked fine.

If you have that version or later you may want to reach out to support.

Teresa Gorham

Having the tab order issues again. Now, no matter I do, it skips from my content into player options and just does what it wants to. My tab order is clean and it has always worked before. Have changes been made? I even tried putting it in a clean new project with a different player and it does the same thing.