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Hi there,

I know I have asked many questions about Tab Orders and put in many feature requests.  I was looking through my other discussions and not sure if I ever managed to get a clear order on what to do.  Please see screenshot of Tab Order.  My first question  -Base layer -  Question 1, you will see in the Tab Order the Base Layer objects are always on the bottom (I still don't understand that)  do I have to move them to the top above the layer objects?  As this is the current default when you open the list.

Second Question  - For the Feedback layers ( I turned off accessibility for the circle and the x and checkmark), when they press enter for submit and the layer pops up do I need to keep the Rectangle 4 as a tabbed item or can it go straight to the box "Did you Know"  also does it matter if correct or incorrect are listed first or second.



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Sally Wiedenbeck

Hi Teresa,

For your first question, you don't *have* to move the base layer items to the top of the tab order, however I have found in some instances that things work more smoothly if you do, so I tend to do it as best practice.

For your second question, you can definitely remove the rectangle from the tab order, and should.

One thing to note about removing the red x object, is that blind users using a screen reader won't have the same cue about whether their answer was right or not as sighted readers will. You might want to consider adding the red X object (just the X itself, leaving the circle off) back into the tab order, and inputting "Incorrect" as the alt text for the object - that way blind users get a cue that the answer was incorrect, without having to guess based on the text box feedback below.

Teresa Vanderpost

Thank you so much Sally, this is so helpful.  I will keep the x and checkmark and label the alt text accordingly.  And thanks for the heads up re: the base objects.  I really was hoping by now since accessibility is so important that articulate would have corrected the default tab order to start with the base layers by now.  I put in a request a long time ago :)....but I will keep moving the base objects up for now.  Much appreciated that you took the time to explain.

Sally Wiedenbeck

You're welcome! Sorry I just realized I missed your last question - it shouldn't matter whether the correct layer objects or incorrect layer objects are on top of the other in the tab order.

I'm glad more people are recognizing accessibility needs, and it sounds like Articulate is working on it as well. I have also sent in a number of accessibility-related feature requests, hopefully some of those come through this year.