Tabbed Menu Condition Issue

Oct 15, 2012

I've set up a tabbed menu for slide navigation and required all tabs to be 'visited' before continuing. That works fine- the problem arises when I set up a subset of tabs under the last menu tab. The subset has 3 tabs that must also be completed in addition to the main set. Using two triggers on the NEXT button, if the user clicks on the 'NEXT' button any time before all tabs in both main AND sub sets have been visited, they are redirected to an 'oops- you must complete all tabs and sub-tabs in order to continue' layer. All is well when the 'true' value has not been achieved (the oops redirect), but when all tabs have been visited, conditions satisfied and the 'true' value has been set, I still get the 'oops' redirect. Been working this all day and hit a wall. I've tried re-ordering the two triggers but no help. Any ideas?

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Jeff Nauman

Thanks for your response, Nancy... I had to extract the piece that I'm struggling with but here it is for your review. To break it down- when the user has visited all tabs on the main menu and the three tabs under the 'Miscellaneous' tab, they should be able to move on to the next slide. That's where the issue is... even if they've visited everything, a click of the 'Next' button still takes them to the 'ooops' error layer. Sorry for the size of the file... I had to keep it intact for it to work.

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