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Sam Hill

Hi Pamela, Your content is probably OK. You will only be able to tab to button elements in later versions of Storyline. This is the correct behaviour and more in line with how web pages work.

In order to move through content when using a screen reader (JAWS/NVDA) you would use your arrow keys on your keyboard and Tab key to jump straight to buttons (clickable elements).

Sam Hill

Hi Pamela, the change is to make the content more accessible for those using assistive technologies.

Think about the Tab Order as the reading order of the page, but it does remain the "Tab" order of buttons, form controls etc (clickable elements), but it's best to get familiar with navigating the majority of the contents with your up and down arrow keys now, and Tab, Space, Enter for interactive elements.

I use JAWS and NVDA to test, and the experience has been good, getting better. A quick test for JAWS is to use the INSERT+DOWN ARROW keys to read the slide from top to bottom.

Here are some shortcuts for NVDA https://webaim.org/articles/nvda/. It appears the the key on the Num Pad instructs NVDA to read from the top.