Tabbing to progress to the next slide not functioning as expected in IE

Hello Heroes,

My team has recently discovered an issue with using the tab key to progress to the next slide when the course is viewed in Internet Explorer. The user is required to press the tab key more than once, sometimes three times, sometimes twice... it's inconsistent. Eventually the slide will progress to the next one but not until you press the tab key continuously. We are using the tab key in a software simulation because this is how they will progress through the software so we need this to work to simulate real life. We have found that the problem goes away when using Chrome. Unfortunately we have compatibility issues with our LMS and Chrome (as well as an issue with users with access to IE only).

We are building in Storyline 360 and have installed all of the updates.  Has anyone else experienced this issue? If so has any solution been found?

Thank you!



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Ellen, thanks for your post! I'd like to get a better idea of how your file is set up--could you help me with a few details?

  • Did you use the screen recording tool to create the software simulation slides?
  • If so, did you insert the slides as step-by-step slides?
  • Do you notice the yellow focus box appears when you press the Tab key?

If you can share a short sample of your file, I'd be happy to take a closer look!

Ellen Winton

Hi Alyssa,

We didn't use the screen record tool. We used screenshots as step by step slides.

Yes the yellow focus box does appear. There are other objects on some slides, but on the ones where it's just an image and data entry field the yellow focus box will appear in the player.

Unfortunately I can't share a sample of the file since it contains sensitive security information. 

I opened a ticket with support as well since this seems to be a bigger compatibility issue with IE. 

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. If no solution can be found a lot of rework will be required.