Problem with Table as Progress Bar

Feb 26, 2021

Hi Heroes,

I'd like to use a table as a progress bar in a Storyline 360 project. It's all pretty straight forward but when I published the project I noticed a little gap between the table and a picture that I added. It also looks as if there is a slight overhang of colour  when adding it to a cell of the table. I can't see that gap when working in Articulate Storyline and only when publishing. The table is a standard table that is send backwards behind the dark header bar. The image is aligned and I also tried other images. Looks the same on all major browsers. It's very odd ... Not sure if I explained it well enough. I guess the learners will not notice but I do :-) Did anyone come across this before?

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Andreas Fischer

Hi Leslie, Sorry for not replying earlier. I think I found the problem. It was nothing to do with Articulate or how it's published. It seems that different browser versions of various browser display some elements quite differently. Depending on the screen resolution and zoom factor the table looked skewed and stretched.