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Feb 25, 2014

All of our courses are parked on our external LMS (Cornerstone) which employees can access through our employee portal (ELM). The course works just fine on our Cornerstone sever but we receive the following screen with no access to the course when we try to launch (see below).  

Normally we would have a launch link appear and not a Table of Contents. I have reached out to our course developer for this particular course but was also hoping to maybe find an answer here too.



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Jon Hegidio

Thanks, Ashley. I'll post on that thread too. Our Articulate course that we develop in-house do not include the TOC in our menus and they work just fine communicating from our ELM and Cornerstone. The courses from our new vendor do include the TOC. I'll check out the Cornerstone thread and also try a stand alone version on our LMS. Thanks!

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