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Mar 09, 2017


I have attached a screen shot of how my course looks in tablet view - is there a button somewhere so I can get it to fill the screen?

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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Jane!  Thanks for that screenshot.  It looks like you might have a 16x9 aspect ratio for your story size.  This article is for Storyline 2, but it has a great guide of device models and the best aspect ratio to use for them!  

So the responsive player will adapt to your device (and orientation if you allow both portrait and landscape view), but the aspect ratio of your course will always remain the same!  I hope that helps.

Crystal Horn

Hey Jane!  You can change the size of your slides to a different ratio (like 4:3, for example), but the caveat is that you might need to adjust the positioning of some of your slide content.

No matter which slide size you choose, the slides will never stretch or reshape to fit the device on which they're being viewed.  The player does respond to the device, but the content remains at the ratio that you set.  As you switch from device to device, you might see some black space around the course depending on the dimensions and orientation of the device.

A contrasting example would be a Rise course, where the content is fully responsive, so the elements on the screen adjust with the device and orientation.

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