Tabs in Storyline 2

I am using an interaction with tabs. I don't remember what it's called, but it comes with Storyline 2 and the first tab says Welcome and has a picture of an onion on it. It comes with 5 tabs, but I would like to have 8 tabs. Is there a way to add three more tabs that does not require me to make a button, state, trigger, etc. I can duplicate triggers and add layers, but on the home screen (the one with the onion) how do I make it show 8 tabs instead of 5.  I hope this makes sense.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Jennifer

I have done a rough example for you by adding the extra 3 tabs.  Depending on your story size you might need to reduce the width of the tabs to fit them all in.  The change to the tab names/numbers is via the states tab.  You'll also need to adjust the states of each tab (width) - you'll see what I mean with the overlapping.

Hope this helps and welcome to the forum!

Jennifer Ruden

Did I mention that I have no artistic eye. I mean, at all. WHATSOEVER. As
noetd, I'm having a hard time getting the tabs evenly spaced or even
generally. Is there a format painter. Please note, this is a problem that
resides between the keyboard and the monitor, not the software.

Wendy Farmer


Hi Jennifer

glad the sample can sometimes be finicky when you are trying to amend a template but you can use some tricks for your spacing like using the Format Tab > Align option. Highlight all the objects then align them horizontally, vertically, middle, centre so that you get the even spacing.


Wendy Farmer

Hi Jennifer

I'm not sure I understand that question. I just duplicated layer 5 and it would allow me to change the 5 to 6.

Feel free to up load the slide if you want me to take a look.

On the picture, if you select it > right click and select change picture  it will allow you put another picture in aligned to where the existing one is.

Wendy Farmer

No problem Jen - glad to help.  Sorry I meant to include these to show you about the layers.

You hadn't copied across the text boxes you needed for the new layers so you were seeing the content underneath and that's why you thought you couldn't edit it.

So, in the slide layer properties (little cog wheel bottom right) you need this setting

and in the timeline, you just needed to expand the base layer objects and hide (click the eye icon it's show and hide) the three common objects - text heading, text content and image

Here a tutorial on working with layers - good luck with you project!