Tabs not appearing in Storyline Player from Storyline 360

I have a course that I originally created in Storyline 2 and it worked fine after exporting, but I opened the same file with Storyline 360 and now in the player, the non-selected tab (in my case, the "Narration" tab) doesn't appear. It looks like it might be black text on a black background, because I can still hover over it and it shows up how it's supposed to.

I thought that maybe it doesn't like the shade of gray I chose, but I've tried some wild color combinations (bright red, blue, white, etc.) and it still doesn't show up until I hover over it. I've attached two screenshots, one that shows the non-selected tab not appearing/not hovered over, and the other when hovering over it. Has anyone else experienced this? 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Dean,

Thanks for reaching out and including those screenshots! We're working through an issue in SL360 where the Tab Selected Text color is ignored in HTML5, and it sounds like that may be what you're experiencing. 

Have you tried viewing the Flash version of the content to compare? Just change the published output URL from story_html5.html to story_flash.html.

I'd be happy to have a look, if you'd like to share your file with me. 

Dean Ichikawa

Oh you're right, I had selected Flash with HTML5 fallback for Articulate Review and didn't notice that it was still set to HTML5 for export to our LMS. I'm re-publishing now, but I'm sure that was it, so thank you! We do have a limited number of users who will be using the HTML5 version, though, is there an ETA for that fix?