Tabs template error in Storyline2

Jul 14, 2015

I've driven myself slightly crazy trying to figure out why a base layer shows up when I click on a tab. 

I've looked at the timeline, slide layers, states and triggers and for the life of me cannot figure out why when I change the text and image on the default template base layer that it begins to show on all subsequent tabs. If I make no changes then it previews just fine.

Can anyone help?


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Jake Turner

Thank you and sure thing. I am trying to get the content to work before I completely build it out. The first slide is where I tried adding a new image and text. That image and text appears on top of every tab when I preview it. If I disabled the base layer then the tabs would go away after clicking them.

I am attempting to make the first slide do what the second slide does after incorporating new images and texts on each layer.

Does this make sense?

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Jake - whenever you add or change text or images to the base slide it automatically displays on all of the layers. To fix this you have to the timeline on each layer - When looking at the timeline you will see Base layer ... at the bottom. When you expand this you will see a list of all of the objects that appear on the base layer. You have to hide these by clicking on the eye icon.

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