Tagging assessment questions by content area?


Is there a way to build assessment questions in Storyline that are tagged by content area and get the results of the content area(s) that learners had the most trouble with?  For example, let's say:

1)  I created a set of questions on Fruits and another set of questions on Vegetables.

2)  I mixed the questions into one assessment quiz.

3)  I published the quiz and uploaded the SCORM 1.2 file to my company's LMS.

If a group of learners took the quiz and got most of the Fruit questions wrong (but did well on the Vegetables questions) is there a way for me to build the questions so I can find this out?  Would I be able to run detailed reports to see who excelled in Fruits vs. Vegetables?

One use case that we see for doing this is being able to see which content areas are posing the greatest challenge in the e-learning assessment and would need reinforcement in classroom training.  Another use case is we want to give learners the option to "test out" of certain e-learning modules while getting access to just the modules they need to take.

I've been reading about question banks and wonder if this is a solution.  I also found the following link on what kind of quiz data is sent to an LMS:


If anyone can help me, I would really appreciate it.  So far, we've been building simple end-of-module quizzes with no distinction between content areas.  However, we want to see if we can get better and more detailed results data on which content areas need further training.



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Dennis Hall

Hi Grace:

If you recall the contents in the link you reference, you will see that SL (out of box) cannot provide your LMS the information you need to accomplish what you want. You would need to customize the JavaScripts Articulate provides as well as add JavaScript into your story to make use of the custom JavaScripts added to the Articulate files.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall