Take the next EXIT!

May 26, 2015

I refuse to start a Tuesday without a big steaming cup of coffee, a firm banana, and at least one seemingly unanswerable question on this fantastic forum!

Has anyone come across a problem where you have an 'exit course' action attached to a button but it isn't registering with the LMS it is uploaded on? I have created 7 courses that are all hosted on Cornerstone LMS and all but one is working perfectly, the last one isn't registering as complete despite the delegates selecting the 'exit course' button. I have checked the button in question and it is indeed set to 'exit course' so was wondering if any of you fantastic storyliners have had any experience with this?

Basically I wanted to make sure that I wasn't/was doing something ridiculously simple that would explain all of this hullabaloo before reporting the fault to cornerstone.

The 'exit course' button is on a layer, don't know if that is a consideration, and doubt it is, but thought I had better add this information just in case!

Thank you as always

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