Taking images sent to me in a pdf and placing them inside of a Storyline project


 I am working on a course in Storyline. The graphics team sent me the buttons for the project as a .pdf file. This may sound simple...but how do I get those images out of the file and place them where I need them to be on my slides? I don't want to have to cut and paste them with snag-it or snip-it. Is there a more authentic way?

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Tara Ingram

Thank you for your advice. I used the link you gave and separated the images out and they do not look like the buttons. They just have the image within the buttons, which will cause me to have to recreate the actual button, which I would rather not take the time to do if I don't have to. If I am using adobe acrobat to open the file, how do I take these images out and put them into Storyline as you initially suggested?

Nancy Woinoski

My advice would be to go back to the graphics team and ask them to provide the buttons in the image format you require (mostly likely .png). If you plan on using more than one button state (hover, down, etc) ask them to provide you with a separate image for each state.

Providing the images in pdf is crazy - although I have had this happen to me on occasion.