Tallying a Scoresheet using Variables


I might be making this way too difficult so you might see a much easier way to create my quiz/game.  

- My quiz is going to include a type of game where the learner will score a point with each correct answer.  If the answer is Incorrect, the opponent will gain the point. 

- This will all be recorded on a tally sheet. 

- My layout:  Question Slide with Correct and Incorrect layers.  True/False variable is adjusted based on answer outcome.  When learner clicks the "next" button, the variable will dictate which "tally sheet" they will advance to. 

- As you may realize, as the questions progress, there could be "numerous" versions of tally sheets.

- I started applying variables to the first question, and it worked fine but as I tried to progress into this, I quickly realized that I mathematically could have "numerous" tally sheet scenarios that would require "numerous" variables. 

Am I making this too difficult?   Is there an easier way?

Thank you for your thoughts!



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