Tapping/swiping causing course slow down

I'm experiencing an issue when testing courses on mobile. My course uses a variable to prevent users from tapping/swiping "Next" until they have completed interactions. When I tap buttons on the slide, it causes the slide graphics to slow down to the point where the course is unusable. The audio still comes across at normal speed, but everything else on the timeline just grinds almost to a halt.

After extensive testing, I believe it may be related to the issue I brought forward a year ago:


It seems to be a combination of preventing the user from tapping/swiping NEXT and having a layer that shows when the user tries to tap/swipe NEXT. Tapping unexpectedly acts like swipe on mobile in these circumstances, and now it seems that multiple taps are causing the course to slow down to the point of crashing.

I have a video showing the problem in my course (Slow Mobile EA). At first the slide behaves normally, but around 50 sec you can see it breaks; the message that comes up should disappear within 4 seconds, but it stays up. It should fade out in 0.75 seconds, but you can see it takes longer.

I also made a test project and tested on SCORM Cloud and experienced the same issue. I have another video showing that issue (Slow Mobile Test).

This issue was tested across Samsung and Apple devices, using Chrome and Safari, on two different LMS (SCORMCloud and BISTrainer). I tried using both the Classic and Modern player. All combinations had the same issue.



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Ren Gomez

Hi Rena,

Thanks for sharing your file, and great call to also open a support case. I see my teammate, Jopney, has followed up with some helpful explanations and tips. Be sure to review her response and let us know if you have any questions!

You're in excellent hands, and I'll also follow the case as it progresses!