Targets Move in Drag-and-Drop

I've created a freeform drag-and-drop in which learners are supposed to label the parts on the screen by dragging labels (written in a circle) onto other, empty circles. I thought everything was working fine, when I realized that the target circles are able to be moved when the learner solving out the interaction. I feel like I am missing something fairly obvious, but I'm not quite sure what it is. I really need the targets to stay in place. Can anyone assist me?

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Melissa H.

The gray bubbles at the bottom are dragged into the blue at the top. Once they all match, correct feedback comes up. I did not want to include a submit button, so they are set such that they each glow upon a correct match, and correct feedback comes up once all correct matches have been made.

Melissa H.

I just received a resolution from a support case I submitted. I can see the issue now: On each of the change state triggers, I chose the drop targets as objects.  The "Object" on each of the change state triggers should be the drag items and not the drop targets. I accidentally left the second part undefined. Thanks for the reply!