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Apr 19, 2013

hi everyone,

                     sorry in advance for sounding foolish(m practically illiterate in tech issues ) . i want to create an interactive course on storyline platform , pop-up quizzes etc. and want to upload it onto some sites for general consumption , but those sites support only flv,mp4 files only and i think storyline produces scrom1.2 output .

    and as a guess i think if anyhow i convert this scrom file to flv the it will be a plain video and won't have any interactivity .Is this correct ?

                                                 If so then is there any solution to it(that is how to retain interactivity )

Another issue is  m teaching mathematics and in a particular chapter i want to give a link for other chapter , i.e. linking two different projects , first of all is it possible and second if possible does that mean that in chapter one folder both files are  bundled together (in that case it would be very slow to download) or  is it the case that when link is clicked then it will fetch the file from server?

                                                                                                              thanx in advance .

PS. it would be nice if answer is jargon free and easy to follow  (

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Peter Anderson

Hi Parmanand

Well, by default, Storyline will publish to Flash, but you can also publish to HTML5, which should allow you to view and interact with the course on pretty much any website or LMS. 

You can see what your published output will look like by uploading it to Tempshare, if you'd like. 

As for linking modules to each other, you can easily do that with hyperlinks. Have a look

I hope that information helps :) Let us know if you have any other questions. 

parmanand kumar

thanx a lot ,

                          you would have been a great help.i will try that.



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