Technical requirements of Storyline 360?

Hi everyone.

Just a quick (hopefully simple) query.

I am working with an organisation that have requested we provide them with a list/schedule of the basic IT requirements they need in order to use our Moodle (with Storyline 360 SCORM packages) for e-learning purposes.

They are on Internet Explorer 11 but are there any other technical requirements needed (Adobe, Flash, etc)?  I need to essentially provide a schedule of what exactly they need to ensure all the content we prepare for them via Storyline 360 (published as SCORM packages) and then hosted with Moodle, are sufficient to play on their devices?

Is their internet explorer alone enough? Or do I need to specify anything else?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ed,

You can see the system and viewing requirements for Storyline 360 here (and all of Articulate 360 here). 

Internet Explorer 11 should be fine, and I'd also look to confirm what Moodle version they're using. Older versions of that may interfere with the content. One common scenario we've heard a bit of with LMSs + IE11, is that they may be forced into compatibility mode therefore displaying the content as if it was in an earlier version of IE. 

Something to check into - and I'd also suggest checking with Moodle!