Technique to have images/objects at the same position

Feb 26, 2016


I've searched this topic quickly and didn't find an answer. If it already covered I apologize and will delete my post.

I often need to copy and paste objects at the exact same position for some basic animations. I know there is a way to copy animations but what about positions? And why does Storyline paste the objects at a different positions?.

For example I use a red square to attract the learner's attention to push a button. I will copy and paste a few red squares and line them up with a delay of one second. I need to reposition them every time I paste the original square...

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Jerson  Campos

The reason why SL does that is so that you know that it did paste the object on the screen.  It usually pastes it +10 px to the right and down.  You can you the arrow key to move it to the original position.

You can also select the object and press Control+Shift+Enter to bring up the size and position dialogue box. You can enter the exact position you want. 

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