TEMP FIX! - Text Not Rendering/Showing/Missing Letters in Internet Explorer IE 11, Storyline 3/360

Let me preface by saying this is a temporary fix, not a long term solution to the fonts not rendering or showing correctly in IE11 using Storyline 3/360 and HTML5 output. Hopefully Articulate will solve this issue soon :)

IE won't show every font with this solution, for instance, when I used Open Sans, IE just showed the generic Arial font BUT every letter was there and there was no spacing issues. It is sort of trial and error or you may be content with IE showing Arial and the other browsers showing your intended font.

Here goes:
When a course gets published in Storyline, the publishing process somehow(?) converts text on the slide to vectors, which makes the text un-editable and un-changable post-publishing. We are all used to putting variable text on our slides right? When publishing, Storyline treats variable text differently!

1. Using Storyline 3/360, create a variable, just name it something short, like "v" You'll see in a minute why it should be short. Make it a text variable and keep its value blank. You can leave the modern text option on. 

2. Here's where things get super hacky :) Add this variable to EVERY text box! So you would add "%v%" to the end of every text box. 

3. I'll wait for you to not be in a state of shock :)

4. The variable "%v%" won't show up when publishing since it has a blank value, BUT it will turn a regular text box into an editable text box and will therefore be treated differently when published!

5. Now adding an invisible variable to the end of your text box will probably cause alignment issues with the text box. Here are some suggestions:
LEFT ALIGN - add the variable to the end of the text. 
CENTER ALIGN - drop to a new line and add the variable.
RIGHT ALIGN - add the variable to the beginning of the text.
showing variable text
hidden variable text

6. Note, if your text box has multiple paragraphs, add the variable to the end of each paragraph within that one text box.

7. Publish!

The above steps are for the CONTENT SLIDE only. Menu, Transcript, and Player text is editable post-publishing through JS/CSS and is a whole other discussion. The content slide text can be edited post-publishing as well when it is set up in the steps above :) I think dialog text boxes will still be affected though, there doesn't seem to be a solution for them, sorry!

I hope this helps those out there that have clients/students still on IE. 


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