Template and animations

Hi everybody.

I'm working with Storyline 360° and I'm converting a PowerPoint presentation into a SCORM file. 

I would like to ask you if there's a way to edit the template (the one that has the 'menu' and the buttons 'before/after'). This template appears in the SCORM file by default and I would like to chance its design.

Then I would like to know why some PowerPoint transitions and animations change when I open the SCORM file.


Thank you!

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Celeste Summers

Hi Guadalupe,

You can change some of the design aspects of the player template by opening your project in Storyline, and from the Home ribbon, clicking on the Player button. This will open the Player properties and provide you with all the currently editable options.

As for your animations, if you use the Preview button after importing the PowerPoint into Storyline, do the animations work correctly in the preview or incorrectly? If incorrectly, can you tell what specific animations aren't working as expected?