Template Changes TextEntry Variable

If I add a text entry field to a slide and save to a template, importing that slide into a new story file always changes the variable to TextEntry1. Doesn't matter if I use the default TextEntry variable or make a custom variable.

If I copy the slide from the original story file to a new story file (not using a template file) the variable remains the same as before and it works as intended.

There must be a way to keep the variable from changing while using a template file. Any ideas?

Also, the slide no longer works after importing from a template. The variable not only changes, but is broken. There are 2 triggers now instead of 1 and I am not able to modify them to get it to work properly in the new story file.

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Ron Franks

Sort of. On other slides I built using freeform with a text entry field, leaving the variable name as the default (TextEntry) doesn't change the variable name pulling it from a template file.

On a non-freeform slide that has a text entry field input field that I added, whether I leave the variable name as TextEntry, or change it to something different, in this case TextEntryInstRspUser, the variable is renamed to TextEntry1 when adding it via the template file.

All of the freeform slides with text entry use the default TextEntry viable, and all seem to work. It's the non-freeform slide where I added a text entry object that has that behavior.

Is it possible that I need to use a different variable for every text entry field object in the template to fix this behavior on the non-freeform slide?

If possible, could you save the story file I posted to a template and import it into a new story file?