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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Fabrice! I know we discussed this in your other thread, but just in case others are following this post, I wanted to reply here too.

If you are wanting to create your own Continue button on a Feedback master, I'd recommend that you avoid deleting the placeholder that's already on the slide master - just move it offscreen instead, so that it's out of view of the learner. Then insert your own button onto the layout. You can add a trigger to it to "hide the current layer" and another to "jump to next slide", and then it should behave just like the built-in button normally would.

Fabrice Darrigrand

No it doesn't seem to work either. I tried to customize the native button (don't even understand why this fails) and then I tried putting it aside and putting a new one. Maybe i'm doing something wrong. I made a screen capture to show you (but it's kind of messy): http://youtu.be/quAagYzTiaY

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Fabrice - thanks for taking the time to post that video! I watched it all the way through and I saw that you were able to create a custom button on your feedback master, along with the triggers, and the button shows up as expected on your slides' feedback layers. (Great!) When you preview or publish, that button should work as you've designed, via the triggers you've created ... in other words, the button will close the feedback layer and move the learner to the next slide.

Is the problem that you are wanting to apply additional triggers to the button at the slide level? Or do some other formatting of the button on specific slides? If so, unfortunately that's not currently possible. Any item that you've added to a slide master layout won't be editable or even selectable on an individual slide. So, if you need slide-specific behavior on a button, the quickest way to handle that would be to create one button on a particular slide, then copy/paste/customize as necessary on additional slides.