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David Anderson

Hi Mandy -

The projects were all created using Articulate Storyline, so a PowerPoint template doesn't exist. Because most examples were designed by our customers, we don't have permission to share the source files. We can, however, share files we've created. For example, you can download the optical illusion template here: http://community.articulate.com/downloads/p/73933.aspx

If you're interested in a particular feature or learning how something was put together, we're more than happy to help out.

David Anderson

Hi Samantha -

In the tabs workshop, we used the background graphics and illustrated characters, but we didn't focus on the asset creation. We have some examples on how we created some of those. Here are a couple good Screenrs to get you started:

Creating the comic book background

How to create an illustrated desk and forum thread w/source files and bookshelf

David Anderson

Hi Patrick - you can find core template in the tabs workshop. That includes the general background, color and fonts used in the template. I'm still putting the other training modules together, but you should get what you need from the first module. If there's something more specific you want to know about, send me a DM and I'll see what I can do.

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