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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hmmm. Well, this is where they reside. You can see the path for the "built-in" ones for both SL1 and SL2

Also, though, there's the StorylineTemplates folder that's in the path show underneath my "and" callout, which would be your

username\MyDocuments\My Articulate Projects\Storyline Templates

The latter is where I see ALL my templates, not just those built-in ones

Also, I came across a couple threads where individuals have run into the same problem (This was SL1.), and the reply seemed to be to repair SL or uninstall reinstall.  Perhaps staff can jump in with a better suggestion.

Templates disappeared after updated

Lost my templates



Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Have you tried repairing, Wendy? I'm pretty sure you're aware of working locally.

Also, did you mention at one time that you'd recently had an issue with SL1 and needed to reinstall? Are templates working as they should in SL1?

If I remember from previous posts, you're working with a Mac? That doesn't matter, of course. Templates should still work correctly. Just trying to think about all the pieces and what you may need to report if you need to submit a case.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Becky

thanks for the tips...I am trying to do a repair on SL2 now.  At the end of my eLearning challenge project and I got the dreaded white envelope with red lines on the final slide.  Managed to saved backups but it's still occurring. 

When I go to do a repair it asks me to Uninstall SL, which I say 'yes' but then error message 'Storyline failed to uninstall'.  Tried a couple of times...need more coffee before I try again.

SL1 reinstall went fine and I can see templates from within the interface.
Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Yuck. How about if you go directly to uninstall instead of repair? By accessing it in Windows via the Add/Remove Programs tool which is quickly accessed by clicking the Start button, then typing "add" in the text box that appears, then choosing Add/Remove Programs from the list.

Then, Find SL2 in the list and uninstall it.

Oh, and definitely coffee first!