Templates Hell (continued)

May 21, 2012

Ok so i've imported a new template I just created in a story file i had  created before.

Now I'm trying to apply the template that has been imported to the previously created slide.

I've spent the day fighting what seems like bugs to me.

On one slide the title doesn't appear in the same color/size as the others but I can't understand why.

On other slides the text boxes and choices box don't appear at the right coordinates (and not at the same coordinates as my other questions (though they all depend from the same layout...)

Now I'm trying to apply my feedback template to all my question slides. I thought it would be enough to select all my question slides, select "the correct layer" and select the design I want from my Design panel. But after doing that, only 4 of 12 slides have been updated. Do I really have to select the feedback layout I want for every slide (layer by layer ?). That just seems too much...

Thanks much for your help dearest heroes !

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Jeanette Brooks

Hello Fabrice - which questions in the question bank were you struggling with? I noticed that Q1.1 had a different font for the title, but I wonder if there was somehow some leftover formatting on that, like maybe if you copied/pasted from a different place? I cut the text, deleted the placeholder, then reapplied the layout, and pasted the text into the placeholder, and it seems fine now.

A few of the other slides had some spacing issues on the title but I think you can clear that up by adjusting the placeholder so that the text shrinks to fit. Here's how:

  1. Go to the slide master layout and right-click the title placeholder.
  2. Choose Format Shape > Text Box.
  3. On the Autofit properties, choose Shrink Text on Overflow. This will force the text to stay within the bounds of the wood-grain title bar, rather than spilling across its border.

Regarding the placement of your answer choices, the differences your seeing might be because different question types have different spatial requirements, so you might need to do some fine-tuning on the individual slides for some of the questions.

That said, if you're seeing behavior that seems wrong, it's always okay to submit a support case with a description of what's going on - and even better, record a screencast to show us exactly what problems you're seeing (you'll see an option to record a private screencast when you submit a support case). That's a great way to easily show us specific things about a project that aren't working as expected. Thanks!

Fabrice Darrigrand

Yes, Q1.1 was a problem. I just needed a recipe to work around the interference of my previous tunings. Thanks much !

I changed all my placeholders for the "shrink text on overflow". At first I didn't want because then the font size is not constant, but I guess it's the best choice.

Yes, I have to resort to slide by slide fine tuning for some question types. I guess it will be fine.

My question about buttons on templates still stands. It seems to work for the next/previous slide buttons I added myself but doesn't work for a buttons calling a lightbox and another one that I wanted to use for submitting interactions.

I'll try and make screencasts if I bump into more of that.

Thanks Jeanette ! (nice french name ! It sounds really retro to my french hears but nice !)

Jeanette Brooks

LOL, "retro." Is that a nice way of saying I have an old-lady name?   That's okay - . I know I do, haha!

When you say you are adding a button to a template, do you mean you are adding it to a slide master layout? It's correct that if you add a button to a slide master layout, that button will not be editable on your individual slides that use that layout (nor will you be able to edit its trigger at the slide level).

It sounds like maybe you are wanting to create your own Submit button on a slide master layout? If so,  I'd recommend that you avoid deleting the placeholder that's already on the slide master - just move it offscreen instead, so that it's out of view of the learner. Then insert your own button onto the layout. You can add a trigger to it to "hide the current layer" and another to "jump to next slide", and then it should behave just like the built-in button normally would.

As far as buttons that open a lightbox, that should work. I just did a quick test by inserting a button on a slide master layout, which opens a lightboxed slide, and then applied the master to a slide, and it behaved when I previewed it. One tip: When you test it in Preview, be sure to preview the entire course, else if your lightboxed slide is in a different scene, the button won't open anything.

Hope that helps!

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