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Kimberly Corvin

There was an update to Articulate 360 this morning.  I noticed that when you publish it there it states 'HTML5 only'.  Reading the top comments proves what I thought.   The tempshare won't work but it would work on others I have done that has the html5/flash fallback option. :(  I wish there was  way to reach out to whoever owns the tempshare platform.  I like to send it out for review and feedback to the SME's before uploading to a zip file.

Kimberly Corvin

Hi Crystal.  I have 360 and an update happened this morning.  It only has the format option of 'HTML5'.  I noticed after I published and zipped the file, I couldn't get it to upload on the tempshare platform.  Is this because there is no longer the flash option?  Will there be a fix to this?  I use the tempshare platform frequently so SME's can approve the content before I upload it to our LMS.  Thanks!

Crystal Horn

Hi Kimberly! Since you have Articulate 360, don't forget about using Review 360! You can publish and upload your content to Review 360 in one click. Review 360 will allow your SMEs to preview your project and leave feedback.

For Tempshare: If you're using the Modern Player, you'll only have the HTML5 option in publishing. Switching to the Classic Player will allow you to have HTML5 with Flash as a fallback. Tempshare was created a few years ago, and it requires the Flash output to be present to upload.