I know Tempshare isn't officially supported but I am having a problem uploading using IE8 and hoping someone can help. The instructions talk about a 'drag file' box which appears on the page but is quickly replaced by an Upload button which takes me to my files. I navigate to the correct zip file, select it and then Tempshare confirms the file name and asks me if I want to uplaod it. I click the Upload this File buttonĀ and nothing happens...

It worked when I tested it earlier this month so am not sure what is causing this.

Many thanks!

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Julien Plet


Been using articulate.tempshare for a while now and always has been working very quickly (upload + publish). However since today, the uploading process is draging on....Using IE8, Firefox and Chrome, no difference. More than 30 mins to upload 15 MB...and only 35% done.

Would anyone know what's going on?



Julie B.

hello mireen, hello Julien,

I usually republish the course when having this pb...

ideas: does your course (title?) has specific characters? do some of the interactivities has? are all your inserted pictures named properly?

(this is an idea because it happened to me)

good luck!

Ps I usually use Chrome because could not upload with IE8 in my company...