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Oct 20, 2020

Hi there, 

I published my storyline course to Tempshare so that I could connect it to my website for people to take the course but I know that's it is only available for 10 days. Where can I host my course so it doesn't expire after 10 days?

I tried AWS but my course was blank when I uploaded it, and Google cloud. I also tried Cloudberry but the course would not load past the first page when I used that. Everything was set to public and still would not load properly. My website is created on Wix by the way. 

Can someone help? 

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Rachelle Su

Ok nevermind, I figured this out. If anyone is looking to resolve the same issue here is what I did:

What I didn't know was that when you upload your storyline course to Google Cloud Storage, you need to upload the entire output (so all the files that come in the zipped folder when you publish the course are included). From there, the public URL for the "story_html5.html" file will work, and not show up blank like I was experiencing before. 

Also, here are the steps for adding the course to your Wix site: 

1. Publish and Zip your course, and save it to your local drive. 

2. Create a bucket in Google Cloud Storage and edit the permissions so that it's public. It should say "Public to Internet" under the access column if you've done it correctly. 

3. Extract the zipped files. Then upload ALL the content to the bucket. (I recommend uploading each folder one-by-one). Make sure you upload all the content from your storyline output into the bucket, or else it won't work. 

4. Once it's done uploading, click on the "story_html5.html" object. This will take you to a page where you can see the Public URL that was created. Copy the Public URL. 

5. Go to the Wix page you want your course to display on and add an HTML box. Paste the copied URL into the website address option and it should appear. 

6. Resize the course as desired! 

Hope that helps someone else. 

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