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Crystal Horn

Hi Jennifer!  I'm sorry for the trouble with Tempshare.  I was able to successfully upload a couple of files this morning that I had published for web.

If you'd like to share your file, I'd be happy to try on my end.  You can do so by adding it as an attachment in your reply here.  Or you're welcome to use this private submission form.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jennifer,

Sorry to hear about the issues you're running into. Can you try this form here? Also you may want to look at testing it in another browser to see if that helps.  Worst case scenario you can always send an email to Support@articulate.com and that'll generate a case where they'll be able to provide you another option for uploading your files. 

Crystal Horn

Hi Jennifer.  I second what Ashley suggests.  I did a google of "upload error 2038" and turned up some results discussing the Adobe Flash Player plugin for browsers; it may be a browser security issue.  Which could also explain the problems uploading/publishing to Tempshare.

I found this website:  http://support.e-zekiel.com/templates/system/details.asp?id=31606&PG=resources&CID=34053

Even though it is not our support team providing that information, I thought it would be helpful to reference!