Tempshare not working

Aug 23, 2013

Tempshare has worked for me on smaller projects but is not working on my current (30 M) project. I realize that Tempshare is not an officially supported product, but I was wondering if there have been any recent "fixes" or discoveries. I have read several posts from 2012 and tried several of their suggestions- Firefox vs IE; clearing cache; republishing without special characters in titles. etc.

With Firefox the Tempshare publishing freezes at 34%. With IE 10 the Tempshare publishing freezes at 0%.

Does anyone have a fix or a suggestion?  If you can help me fix my problem you will become my instant "hero!"

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Crystal Horn

Hi Gail!  That sounds pretty frustrating.  Are you able to try another browser, just for troubleshooting purposes?  We'd be happy to test it out on our end, especially if there's no change with another browser.  You could share you file here, or submit it privately.

Also, just for reference, our article on Publishing and Sharing content provides a bunch of options for sharing (or just testing out) your content in its intended environment..

Matt Painter

Hi team. I am having the same trouble with Tempshare as Sherry was. Several attempts to upload, then it freezes on "Publishing: 99%", and that's it... Tried Chrome and Firefox with no differences there.

I realise I will have to try other options for sharing, but wanted to add my voice so you know there are still issues there. I understand Tempshare is not an official or supported product, but it is seriously helpful and awesome. Thanks to the Articulate engineer who 'cooked it up'!

I have used Tempshare successfully with the same project only a few weeks ago, when the project was smaller. My .zip file is currently 155MB. If there is a size limit, could it be please noted on the Tempshare upload page?

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Matt - Sorry to hear that you ran into issue with this as well. The max file upload size for Tempshare is 300MB, so you are well within that limit. Is your Flash version up to date? If you have the .story file, perhaps I could try to publish for you. 

I agree, Tempshare is a great tool to have and I utilize it often. You can check out our documentation on other ways to publish and share your content if needed.

Matt Painter

Hey Leslie, thanks for that!

Chrome's Flash was telling me it was up to date, while Firefox was not up to date - for what it is worth.

I am happy for now using the Amazon S3 with Cloudberry explorer option that the helpful instructions you guys shared suggested, but thanks for the offer!

If there is any more developments on this, please let me know, because Tempshare was beautifully simple compared to clouds and berries in the vast expanse of rainforest...

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