tempshare upload hangs at 99%

Hello All,

I have used the tempshare upload system previously for a smaller project (~30mb). 

I am currently trying to upload a project that is zipped as ~50mb, and the upload just hangs at 99%.

Is there a maximum upload size that the tempshare can not handle, if so, what is that file size?

I would like to increase the quality of my projects published to the web, but when I do so, the files become too large and can't be uploaded to the tempshare.

Your help is appreciated!

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Ali Goulet

Hi Alanna- Sorry this is happening! Tempshare's file size limit is 300mb so that shouldn't be the issue. What browser are you using? I just uploaded a test file into Tempshare in Chrome and was able to successfully.

If you're continuing to experience this, would you mind sharing your published zip file here so I can test it out? You can add it as an attachment right to a comment in this thread. Thanks! :)