Test courses with possible flash content

Sep 26, 2017

Hi. With the demise of Flash I need to check whether my courses include any Flash content; as at some point in the future it just won't work. I'm referring to courses that were created in Storyline 1/2 and Engage and may just have some Flash content on some screens. Is there any way (a website or other programme) where you can run the course and see if any (Flash) elements in the course don't work.

When we got S2 all the courses were published using the HTML5 option, but I know this doesn't convert Flash content to HTML5.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi N!

Great question. I'm not aware of any website, software, or plug-ins that would test your files, but hopefully if someone in the community is aware they will chime in to share.

I wanted to link you to a post made by the director of our support team here so that you can read about how we're handling this and what you can do with your current courses.

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